At a|FLORAL, we see floral design as art. Inspired by the abstract exhibitions at the ZEITZ MOCAA Museum, we crafted three distinct looks that mirrored the museum’s vibrant aesthetic.


Inspired by the abstract exhibitions at @zeitzmocaa, we aimed to bring the gallery to life by reflecting the Pantone colours found on the walls and within the art pieces. The florals and styling in this look exuded modern elegance and vibrant creativity. Deep reds, pinks, purples, and oranges, with hints of soft yellows and greens, created a harmonious and visually striking display. Tall, sculptural flowers like alliums and orchids added height and drama, while smaller, delicate flowers like anemones and poppies provided a lush, textured look.

A mix of modern and rustic vases, including sleek metallic pieces and earthy ceramics, enhanced the overall aesthetic. The tablescape, adorned with dark green napkins and whimsical black-and-white checkered vases, brought a playful yet refined vibe. This bold combination of florals and unique styling elements created an unforgettable visual experience.


The goal with this look was to showcase the essence of the setup’s making. The florals, primarily dried plants, added a natural, organic touch to a stylish, yet cosy interior space. Zeitz Ocular’s geometric windows filled the room with natural light, creating a bright and airy atmosphere.

The furniture, including tufted sofas, a marble coffee table, and cane-back chairs, combined comfort with elegance. Layered rugs of different patterns and textures added warmth and visual interest, while small potted plants brought in a touch of greenery. The neutral colour palette, emphasised with muted reds and oranges, contributed to a harmonious and relaxing environment.


For the third look we created a look epitomising simplicity and elegance. The floral elements were minimalist and artistic, featuring single-stem flowers in fabric-wrapped vases for a soft, organic look. The delicate appearance of the stems and flowers added a subtle, understated natural touch. The interior featured a blend of neutral tones with pops of blue.

Sleek, modern furniture with clean lines created a serene atmosphere, while fabric-wrapped vases and decor pieces contributed to the calm ambiance. L

At a|FLORAL, we transform spaces with our unique floral designs. Each look we created told a story of creativity, elegance, and the beauty of nature, leaving a lasting impression whether bold and vibrant, cosy and rustic, or minimalistic and serene.

Working alongside:

Venue: @zeitzmocaa | @zeitzmocaaocularevents

Furniture & Décor Styling: @acreate_za

Floral & Floral Styling: @afloral_za

Hiring: @okasie

Draping: @authenticplanning

Photography: @basque_imagery