Every corner of the Hazendal venue was bursting with colour. Stepping into a floral-filled space of dreams, this special year end was enhanced with a luxurious range of tropical and vibrant floral arrangements.


For this event, we crafted a variety of stunning floral installations that brought an exotic atmosphere to life. Bright pink bougainvillea flowers, combined with the fresh hues of fruits such as papaya and grapefruit halves, woven baskets, and lush greenery, created a vibrant setting. The collaboration of pinks, greens, oranges, and beiges added to the lively ambiance.

Tall, wispy green grasses and foliage paired with melons and limes in black cylindrical vases and stands provided an elegant yet organic touch. The green and beige tones harmonised perfectly, enhancing the natural beauty of the setting that Hazendal provides.


Some of our focal arrangements featured a lush combination of pink bougainvillea, red berries, and other tropical flowers in shades of red, pink, and green. Natural wood elements and greenery were intricately woven into the designs, adding depth as well as texture. Yellow and orange flowers brought a warm, cheerful vibe to the event. These florals, paired with green foliage and black cylindrical stands, created striking visual contrasts that were both modern and inviting.


In another areas we used green tropical leaves, terracotta bowls filled with fruit, and assorted glass and wooden elements. The touches greenery and beige tones provided a serene and earthy backdrop, adding to the overall aesthetic. Dark red berries on stems, set in gold and bronze vases, with cherries and similar fruits, added a touch of opulence. The combination of red, green, and gold created a rich and festive atmosphere, perfect for the year-end celebration.

At a|FLORAL, we believe in transforming every room into a memorable experience. With our vibrant and lush floral arrangements, we bring magic to life, making your celebrations unforgettable.

Working alongside:

Furniture, Décor & Styling by @acreate_za

Floral & Floral Styling by @afloral_za

Photography by @basque_imagery

At @hazendal