Nestled in the heart of Cape Town, the iconic NASDAK venue played host to a mesmerising corporate cocktail event elevated by our a|FLORAL team. Inspired by a palette of electric blues, hints of purples, touches of pink and accents of green, we transformed the space into a strikingly beautiful set-up that left a lasting impression.

Enchanting floral focal points adorned the venue, turning it into an ethereal wonderland. Imagine vibrant blue anemones, deep purple calla lilies, and lush greenery intertwining to create stunning floral arrangements that stole the spotlight.


The contrast of textures added another layer of depth—soft petals of anemones contrasted with the sleek elegance of calla lilies, while the lush foliage provided a detailed backdrop that enhanced the overall ambiance.

Under the creative direction of our in-house floral stylist, Letitia, every detail became a work of art. Letitia’s extreme talent and boundless creativity were evident in the bespoke designs that were seen throughout NASDAK. From majestic floral archways to intricate table centrepieces, our designs radiated luxury and sophistication, with each bloom meticulously selected to blend with the event’s vibrant colour scheme.


Perfectly curated arrangements were placed in tall cylindrical vases, some in deep blue and other in olive green, which created a breathtaking contrast. The floral arrangements featured a mix of large, vibrant leaves and flowers in shades of blue and purple, with accents of green, showcasing the contemporary aesthetic of the event

As the sun set, casting a golden glow over NASDAK, our floral creations came alive, a touch of magic to the evening.

At a|FLORAL, we embrace the transformative power of flowers, and this corporate cocktail event at NASDAK beautifully showcased just that.

Working alongside:

Coordination by @melaevents

At @nasdak_rooftop

Furniture and Décor Styling by @acreate_za

Floral & Floral Styling by @afloral_za

Bespoke Candles by @okra.candle

Photography by @basque_imagery