COLLECTION | Organic, contemporary, and textured.

These words encapsulated the essence of Lena and Jurg’s wedding day vision. Embracing a unique colour palette blending neutrals with soft, muted tones, their choice of the Zeitz MOCAA Ocular Lounge as the venue set the stage for a celebration that harmonised modern elegance with artistic flair.


Drawing inspiration from the venue’s avant-garde architecture, the ceremony unfolded beneath a striking, modern installation. A steel structure adorned with cascading arrangements—both fresh and dried florals in shades of beige, brown, and green—created a sophisticated yet natural ambiance, perfectly complementing the contemporary aesthetic of the atrium.


The bridal party was adorned with floral arrangements that mirrored the wedding’s modern look and feel. Textures played a starring role here, with each bouquet and boutonniere crafted to blend seamlessly with the ceremony’s organic theme. Each floral piece served as a testament to elegance and innovation, reflecting Lena and Jurg’s distinctive style.


At the reception, simplicity met sophistication in the table floral styling. Minimalistic yet impactful, floral arrangements were interspersed with fresh produce, creating a setting that was both visually stunning and refreshingly unique. This thoughtful blend of natural elements elevated the ambiance of the celebration.


Above, cloud-like installations floated gracefully, infusing the space with a sense of wonder and artistry. Composed of a mix of dried and fresh textures, these asymmetrical creations captivated the eye, transforming the venue into a canvas of modern romance. Each installation was meticulously created – where every detail, from the floral arrangements to the architectural backdrop, told a story of love and creativity.

In essence, Lena and Jurg’s wedding at Zeitz MOCAA Ocular Lounge and Events Space was not just a celebration—it was an artistic expression of their journey together. With organic textures, muted tones, and a venue that spoke to the heart of contemporary design, their day was as timeless as it was breathtaking.

Working alongside:

Venue: @zeitzmocaaocularevents

Coordination: @aweddingbytatum

Furniture, Decor & Styling: @acreate_za

Floral, Decor & Styling: @afloral_za

Freelance Floral by @zaankultuur_eventflowers

Photography: @Basque_Imagery

Candles: @okra.candle